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About Us

About Us

Nabil's is a family owned and operated business that delivers a wide variety of Mediterranean food. Whether you dine in, or dine out, your experience will be one to remember. 

Nabil's Grill was established in 2001 as a small, fast food, pick-up restaurant with enough dining space for 8. Through hard work and dedication, we have expanded to offer dinning space for 30 individuals. Our success has been a result of loyal and committed customers that have become family.

We are proud of our reputation and we work really hard to make sure that we continue to be the most friendly restaurant providing fresh homemade food. 

Nabil's is a great lunch spot for all local employees looking for a quick, fresh and healthy bite to eat!


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“Where you just might find the best falafel in the city” 

Looking for a tasty alternative to a fast food lunch downtown? Look no further than bail’s grill on Wilson St at James S.

Nabil’s opened a few years ago as a tiny lunch counter that offered tasty Iraqi treats. It has grown steadily to offer an extensive menu and lots of seating in a simple, bright, clean room.

My guest decided to try the Biriani ($8). While the rice dish was cooking, my guest started in on the soup that came with the meal. this lentil-based soup is available every day. The simple and tasty broth is thickened with mashed lentils and features whole chickpeas.

 The rice dish arrived shortly after. it was a large portion of savoury basmati rice topped with seasoned chicken and raisins. I was sceptical about the raisins at first, but they really worked in this dish. The little burst of sweetness was a perfect complement to the well-seasoned chicken and delicious rice.

 On the side of the plate were three salads. The first was a simple romaine lettuce salad. The Next was chopped tomato and cucumber lightly flavoured with a very mild vinaigrette. The last of the salads was pickled slaw. The shredded cabbage and vegetables in this salad were bright yellow from the spices. it had a slightly tart bite that was refreshing counterpoint to the aromatic rice, mild vegetables and scrumptious chicken.

My son chose an order of Chicken Taka (3.49) for his lunch. Seasoned pieces of chicken, onion and green pepper are grilled and wrapped in a warm pita. A garlic sauce covers the filling. My son likes to open the pita, eat the chicken and then rip pieces of pita to munch on. The sauce is so delicious; it makes eating the plain pita a tasty endeavour.

I started my meal with a meat pie ($1.75).  An appetizing paste is spread on a small pita and cooked. I don’t know what meat they use for this dish, but it’s wonderful.  There’s a light taste of onion and garlic that boosts the flavour nicely. This would be a perfect quick bite in place of a slice of pizza or bagel.

I ordered a falafel ($2.49) to round out my meal,. a bit of lettuce is wrapped up with fresh cooked falafel balls and that magic garlic sauce in warm pita. I’m pretty sure it’s the tastiest falafel in the city, and the garlic sauce has a lot to do with that. There are days when the memory of that sauce starts to echo through my mind and becomes an obsession. I have to get a couple of falafels for dinner to satisfy the cravings. Of course, at the price, this wrap sandwich is an absolute bargain: it is scrumptious, filling, well made and economical.

To drink, there area couple of imported juices available in the cooler, in addition to a wide selection of tinned sodas. my son has become addicted to the guava juice ($1.50), which comes in a slim glass bottle. There’s also strawberry-banana and mango juice available.

It is hard to outdo a great meal, but if anything at Nabil’s can do it, its the baklava ($1). Don’t bother thinking about your diet when you eat here. It would be a crime to leave the restaurant without trying a piece. Handmade every day, these Middle Eastern pastries are made with walnuts and plenty of honey. They drip sweet goodness from every crisp bite. The secret to their fabulous taste is an infusion of cardamom, making them unique amidst a dessert that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

The set up at Nabil’s Grill is counter style, and the furnishings are unpretentious. Plates are transported on small plastic trays adorned with a red maple leaf and boxes of tissue sit at each table in place of napkins. The entire place is exceptionally clean and very bright. The service is unfailingly welcoming and homey. Every time I leave, Nabil presents my son with a lollipop.

This restaurant is a gem in the gritty heart of the city.

Written by Leanne Kemmler- June 15, 2006 VIEW.




 Hamilton Spectator

“Baklava the way it’s supposed to taste”

 What: Nabil’s Middle East Fast Food

Where: 1 Wilson St. , Unit 3, at James street, Hamilton, 905-521-8836

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm

 Do yourself a favour. Don’t leave here without picking up a slab of baklava.
            We’ve been on a bit of a hunt for good baklava around here, one that’s freshly made and still acquainted with its rightful crunchy texture. Much of what we’ve found is too sweet and gooey, which makes for a jaw0aching baklava and overpowers the delicate layers of phyllo pastry and nutty filling.

 Our search unexpectedly took a positive turn while picking up a falafel and vegetable pie at Nabil’s. There, behind the counter, sat a tray of fresh-made baklava.

It was beautifully crispy, drenched in syrup but not overpowered by its sweetness, with a filling of walnuts and almonds. 

 We’re even happier to report that dessert capped off a yummy lunch. The falafels was good and spicy, and the vegetable pie, though greasy in crust, was smothered in a tangy, vibrant mix of spices and sesame seeds.

Nabil and his wife, Widad, have been cooking in this spot for nearly three years. We shall pay them a return visit to try their meat pies and the kabobs of ground beef or chicken. And more baklava, of course.

Written by – Lori Fazari